About the bending machine

Bending machines are generally divided into three types:

1-Conventional electric bending machine

In this type of upper jaw device, the ball moves to the sheet by electromotor and moves up and down in the course of the course. After the sheet is taken by the jaw, the operation of the bending at different angles is performed by raising the counter of the device that is performed by the operator. Bending is done.

2-Fully automatic bending machine

This type of bending is similar to conventional bending machines, but in larger dimensions and for bending sheets up to 4 mm thick, so that the bending operation is carried out automatically, this type is electrically mechanically and hydraulically are divided

3- Press Burke

For bending on sheets of steel with a thickness of more than 4 mm and with more complex angles, this type is used and it has different tanks, depending on the thickness of the sheet.

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